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An epidemiological warning has been received: the excess deaths in Hungary last December could have been prevented

Science can show the way out of pandemics, the lack of knowledge and information makes us more vulnerable, so it is always worth investing in pandemic preparedness. If we only approach it from an economic point of view, it is because a healthy workforce is necessary for economic development - explained Beatrix Oroszi, director of the Center for Epidemiology and Surveillance of Semmelweis University in an interview with Portfolio, in which we touched on the operation and importance of the institute. We talked about the bird flu spreading among dairy cattle in the United States, whooping cough developing into an epidemic in our country, and of course the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus, which has taken its place among respiratory pathogens and because of this, the infection season starts earlier every year. It is necessary to prepare in time to protect those most vulnerable to coronavirus infection, by procuring the appropriate vaccines and starting the campaign. According to her, the 10% excess mortality among people older than 65 last December could have been avoided. The epidemiologist also emphasized: the loss of trust in vaccines is one of the ten most significant public health problems in the world at the moment, so anti-vaccine and -skeptic voices must be responded to. The healthcare system in Hungary has not taken up this gauntlet.

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(Photo: Valter Berecz – Portfolio)